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Why Should I hire a Napa Valley Midwife?

Pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood are normal events in a woman’s life that has the potential to be extraordinary and empowering. It is our goal to support you through this journey by providing highly skilled medical care that is also holistic, respectful, and personalized. This means unrushed visits that offer plenty of time to answer your questions and address your concerns; customized recommendations regarding lifestyle and nutrition; informed choice on all procedures and tests throughout your care; and much more. Our mission at Napa Valley Midwife is to support you in your physical and emotional needs while simultaneously protecting the sacred art of gentle birth.

Napa Valley midwifery

Your family comes first.

At Napa Valley Midwives, we are profoundly passionate about gentle birth, informed consent, and making every family's birth their own unique and special experience. It is a collaborative experience between momma, baby, other family members and your midwives. What separates us from other midwives is that we intrinsically trust the women’s body and the process and support the natural process and let her body do the work and let the baby be born gently in a calm peaceful embodiment and with respect for mama and baby. As highly trained licensed midwives we have the medical skill to intervene when needed, however we value the organic birthing process and our goal is to support a non-medicallyintervened natural birth, as often as possible. 

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