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Gentle, peaceful births in the sanctuary of your own home, while having highly skilled medical non-invasive support.

Home birth has been proven to be a safe option for women who are healthy, receiving quality prenatal care, and don’t have any medical conditions that would put them or their baby at risk. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time.

At Napa Valley Midwife, we bring a gentle approach that will nurture and empower you as well as the medical expertise needed to identify risk factors and manage complications, should they arise during your labor or birth. Your health and safety are always our number one concern. We closely monitor both mother and baby throughout labor to ensure that everyone is doing well. Even with low risk pregnancies, complications can arise. Generally, when complications do arise there is ample time to transport to the hospital. Occasionally, complications must be dealt with at home. Because of this, we always carry emergency medical equipment, IV fluids and Neonatal Resuscitation equipment. All of our midwives are trained in Neonatal Resuscitation, CPR and Birth Emergency Skills. 

"The largest study of home births attended by Certified Professional Midwives, as published in the British Medical Journal has found that home birth is safe for low risk women and involves far fewer interventions than similar births in hospitals."

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Experience the Beauty of HomeBirth

In Your Safe & Comfortable Environment

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Discover the Benefits of Home Birth with Napa Valley's Top-Rated Midwives

Our approach is collaborative, gentle & natural.

Continuity of Care

Working with a home birth practice is drastically different then working with a large OB practice or hospital. Here, you will see the same one or two midwives through out you pregnancy. You will have an established relationship with the women that will help you through the challenges of labor and birth. You will always have someone to answer your questions or address your concerns. Your midwife will know your desires and wishes regarding your birth!

Safe & Comfortable Environment

Studies have show that being relaxed and at ease greatly reduce pain and anxiety. Being in the comfort of your own home allows you to feel safe, stress free, and uninhibited throughout your labor and birth. You can create the type of space and environment you need to feel free. This might include creating an altar, your own music, candles, low lighting and having who you need or want to be present at your birth.

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Comfort & Security

Welcome your baby into the world in a gentle, safe & peaceful manner. Napa Valley Midwives offer the perfect blend of ancient wisdom via traditional natural birthing practices, balanced with modern clinical medical training and care.

Reduction in Routine Interventions

Many hospital interventions are unnecessary and increase your risk for more intervention! Epidurals, pitocin, episiotomies, immediate cord clamping, IV fluids, and cesarean sections all have their place when necessary. But for 90% of low risk women they are not needed and only increase your risk for further complications.

Dancing Your Baby Out!

You don’t really have to dance your baby out, but you can feel free to move in any way your body tells you to. Position change and choice are key to a smooth, natural birth. In most hospitals, birthing mothers are asked to lay on their backs. This is very convenient for the doctor, but not a great choice for mom and baby.

Immediate Bonding with Your Baby

Your baby will not be taken away from you at home. Your newborn is placed immediately on your warm belly after birth. You will have at least one hour to connect and communicate with your baby and partner before any examination happens and breast feeding will be encouraged right away!