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-Our Mommas Speak Out:

This is What our clients have to say about their experiences with our natural birth services:


We care deeply about the families we work with.
We provide safe, nurturing and competent services to all of our clients
We are passionate about empowering families and welcoming babies into the world through gentle birth.
We are informed and sensitive to a woman’s needs around sexual, medical and physical trauma, 
We limit the number of clients we take per month so you are guaranteed that we will provide high quality, personalized care to you.
— Love,  Heather Hilton and Bee Lauher Napa Valley Licensed Midwives
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Why you should choose Napa Valley Midwives

Our Napa Valley Midwifery Clients Share Their Appreciation & Gratitude

Heather Hilton is a highly skilled, compassionate and respectful midwife. She helped me through a difficult pregnancy and made my birth a gentle, empowering and truly amazing experience. I appreciated the home visits, her constant emotional support and availability during my pregnancy as well as her steady, calm and encouraging presence during my 70+ hour labor and birth. She respected my birth plan while lovingly walking me through my grief when I needed to let go of certain aspects due to my baby’s medical needs.

Heather was nothing short of a phenomenal midwife for my partner and me during our first pregnancy and birth. We felt deeply held by her empathic, empowering collaborative approach. She is present, emotionally and physically available (24/7 during our time as clients), nurturing, skillful, and respectful. Her integrity and dedication to my agency over my body and birth experience was tremendously helpful. She is trauma-informed in her approach and holistically minded as well as clinically knowledgable. She is truly now part of our family. If we have a second child, we will certainly call on her services again.

She was nothing short of amazing and if we have friends seeking homebirths, we will not hesitate to refer them to her. She is the best midwife in Napa Valley and you and your baby will be in good hands, literally and metaphorically!
— Love, Christina
Your patience, empathic presence, knowledge, skill and warmth through out my first pregnancy and birth allowed me to have the support and trust in myself that I needed to bring my baby girl into the world. I am forever grateful to you for being such a vital and enormous part of our daughter’s birth and our transition into parenthood. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Love & Gratitude, Stella's Moms
“I wanted to thank you for your help and care during my pregnancy and Evelyn’s birth. I felt in very good hands with you and Brandi. Thank you for your compassion and expertise. This birth will be a lasting and beautiful memory.”
— Love, Jen & Mark
Heather and Bee are highly professional, empathic and skilled midwives. My partner and I deeply valued the way they treated us on such a personal and respectful level, regarding our needs and wishes. Even though we were so excited for a home birth, and initially were crushed when medical reasons forced us to have a hospital birth, Heather was by our sides the entire time, acting as a loyal and compassionate advocate. Her well established relationship with Sonoma Valley Hospital helped ease the transition and they nurse-midwives at the birthing unit even wrote “hospital home-birth” on our white board. We were allowed a tub for laboring and for the actual birth, Heather, the hospital nurse-midwife and my partner delivered our baby. It was still a gentle and empowering birth despite it not being “as planned” (as if we can plan a birth!! Nature is in charge!). The postpartum care was also extremely helpful and supportive. Heather and Bee are exactly what we hoped for and beyond. Thank you for all of your collaborative and respectful support in facilitating our gentle birth!! We love you!
— Many Thanks & Love, Sasha
My shamanic birth guide, my angel of labor. You gave me the perfect amount of encouragement, praise, and suggestions to keep me in the moment, in my body and in the realization that we were doing it! Lena and I were birthing! My manifestations of the perfect birth day were similar, but the actual day was more wonderful and amazing a day that I will always look to with contentment in having such a smooth birth at home! I am humbled in knowing that your work and the role you played in making his day a memorable day and a rite of passage is immeasurable. I am honored to have been your client.You brought the joy of our lives into this world! We love you and thank you to the ends of the world.

— Erica, David, Lena & Cairo
I wanted to thank you for your help and care during my pregnancy and Evelyn’s birth. I felt in very good hands with you and Brandi. Thank you for your compassion and expertise. This birth will be a lasting and beautiful memory.

— Love, Jen and Mark

Dearest Bee & Heather~ Thank you so much for being such a steady support for us all during Reef’s pregnancy, labor and birth. You were so calm and loving during Reef’s birth; it was a presence that I truly needed and loved. I will forever hold fond memories of you both in my heart. Thank you so much!

— Love, Molly


We know having the best fit for your midwives and/or doulas is vital to having the supported and empowered birth experience you desire. We offer a free in person meeting to all prospective clients so we may answer any questions you have and you can get a sense of how we would work together. Given we intentionally limit the number of clients we take in a given month so that we can be fully immersed and engaged as your prenatal and birth support team, we value your decision in making the best choice,